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Balchik is a picturesque town nestled on the Northeast coast, on the white limestone cliffs, like it is highlighting the background of the crystal sea. The city is great and rich of fabulous landscapes, which is compensate the lack of beaches. The coastline is mainly rocky and narrow, but there are platforms where you can relax under the soft rays of the sun. The main landmarks are the “Palace”, built before nearly 90 years as a summer residence of Queen – Alexandrina Maria, and the Botanical Garden. Balchik is an attractive place from ancient times until today. Spectacular nature, ancient history and charm of Balchik today are unending source of inspiration for many artists.

Staying once in Balchik, it will remain in your memories with beautiful views and energy that brings. If you choose Balchik for your family vacation or you have decided to escape from everyday life and enjoy the natural beauty, it will definitely need a rental car in Balchik.

Town is 46 km away from Varna, which further facilitates and saves your time if you arrive at the airport.

As you arrive you will have the opportunity to get your rental car from Max Rent a Car. Other offered option for transportation is to rely on our professional drivers, who could transfer you to any direction in the country. Max Rent a Car offers the service – delivery of rent a car in Balchik. As you choose this service, the selected car will be on time at the requested address.

If it is your first visit of Bulgarian seaside coast and want to see all sights and to enjoy to unique nature of Bulgaria, Max rent a Car advice you to book a rental car with GPS system.

The only thing you need to do for your unforgettable stay in Balchik is to contact Max Rent a Car, or to make your reservation now. The possibility to make online booking for rent a car in Balchik would not cost you more than two minutes or you can directly contact us via our hotline phone numbers:

+359 888 783 633
+359 887 799 989
+359 877 674 819

Choosing Max Rent a Car you will certainly make the best choice of Car Rental Company. The company provides affordable and comfortable car rentals for your calm and safe travel throughout the country.


Max Rent a Car – Car hire in Balchik

Max Rent a Car is a company founded of experienced and motivated professionals in the sphere. The experts of Max Rent a Car will advise you competently in choosing a car rental according your needs. We will meet you and give you the information needed for nice and smooth use of the service – Rent a car.

Offices of Max Rent a Car are located in all big cities, providing effective and quality service to guests arriving in the country. The closer distance of our office to Varna airport, and the possibility of direct delivery of the vehicle will save your time and money.   Representative of Max Rent a Car will meet you at the airport and will assist you with everything you need for your planned stay in Balchik. The company has a huge choice of cars at competitive prices and conditions. When taking rental car from Max Rent a Car, be sure that you have made the most profitable deal.


Booking rent a car Balchik

To rent a car in Balchik could be an easy and quick choice through our online booking form. To make your reservation, the only thing you should do, is to complete the online booking form with all necessary details and then confirm. Representative of Max Rent a Car will contact you, as soon, as possible to coordinate all the details of your reservation. Another option to hire a car in Balchik at the best price is to directly contact us via e-mail or phone:

+359 888 783 633
+359 887 799 989
+359 877 674 819


Max Rent a Car services

Max Rent a Car is a company offering a wide range of services in this particular business segment.

  • Rent a car – easy, fast, discreet, quality and cost effective. Max Rent a Car will offer car hire at the lowest price. Make your reservation now.
  • Delivery of car – it is necessary to request delivery of the car and representative of Max Rent a Car will deliver it to the address and time specified by you.
  • Rent a car with driver – If you want to enjoy the trip, without commitment to drive, Max Rent a Car offers you rent a car with personal driver available at a desired time range. All you need to do is to submit your car rental reservation with driver and Max Rent a Car will take care for your comfort and safety.
  • Transfer within the city or to another destination – the company offers transfers to any point in the country. For the comfort of your journey professional driver will transfer you to the desired location. Max Rent a Car also offers business and group trips in the most competitive price.
  • “Meet and greet” – By making a reservation from Max Rent a Car in Balchik, no matter if is it done through reservation system or by phone/mail,   representative of our company will meet you at the Airport Varna with the rented car and will drive you to location specified by you.

Reservation details

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