Airport Burgas

Airport Burgas


Burgas is the largest town in southeast Bulgaria and the fourth largest in the country. In this part of the country, the city is the most important transport, economic, administrative, and cultural and tourist centre. Burgas is situated in the Burgas Bay and nearby are the lakes Atanasovsko, Pomorie, Burgas and Mandra. This lakes formation is a unique biological diversity and it is largest complex of coastal lakes. In the city passes National European Transport Corridor that is the shortest land connection between the Adriatic and Black Sea coast. Burgas is a major centre of marine tourism with many amenities and links to resorts on the southern coast.

Burgas Airport is situated 10 km from Burgas. Within a radius of 10-15 km are: Port of Burgas, railway unit, the international road E 87, duty free zone. The proximity of the largest refinery on the peninsula, located 10 km from the airport, provides low-cost fuels.

Since 2006 the Varna and Burgas airports are given a concession to the German company Fraport Twin Star Airport Management. The contracts are long term and the company has high expectations. Fraport plan to construct a brand new terminal, expand the destinations, improve the quality of the services, and split the Schengen and non-Schengen passengers’ streams.



Although the Airport operates all the year, its main stream of passengers is during the summer. Summer resorts around Burgas are the endpoint of a journey of many tourists. A destination of flights increase from April to October.The climax is in August and in the beginning of September when the Airport is proud to handle more than 100 flights a day.


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